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The founders of Boundless Brilliance, a nonprofit started at Occidental College, reflect upon the accomplishments of the organization. A special thanks to all 60 members of Boundless Brilliance at Oxy, none of this work would be possible without your hard work, passion, and dedication.

Did you know...

Girls and boys as young as 6 years old already believe that intelligence is a male trait? Starting at a very young age, girls are systematically discouraged from entering fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


Consequently, women hold only 29% of STEM jobs.


In 1983, David Wade Chambers famously asked elementary school students to draw a scientist, and 90% of students drew men. Today, students are still drawing men.


By age 6, girls are already less likely than boys to believe that members of their own gender are “really really smart.” They concluded that before kindergarten, girls already believe that they are less qualified than their male peers to pursue fields considered to be more challenging, such as engineering or math. This study demonstrates that gendered notions of brilliance are acquired early and have an immediate effect on girl’s interests.




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